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A Global Medical Tourism Company

In the initial days when the concept of Outsourcing of health care treatment to India was a relatively new, the infrastructure in India was not world class and the Hospitals were more under renovations and expansions, it was difficult to market the concept. The things have undergone a drastic change in recent years, and now, the fact that India not only offers world-class treatment but also makes all this available at a much lesser price is well accepted worldwide.

What our patients say

  • My Name is Rojotiana from Madagascar, I was suffering with Cardiac Problems and our Doctors told me to do Cardiac treatment asap, The referred treatment was not available in Madagascar, then I saw the advertisement news paper, one Healthcare company (Kaizen Healthcare) organising free medical Camp in Tana and Indian Doctors are coming here(Madagascar) I attend the camp and Indian Doctor also said me the same problem.
    Ms. Rojotiana Edithe Randrianarivela
  • When my doctor suggested me to go to India for Liver Transplant, I was very skeptical and refused the doctor, as I didn't know, how I would manage in a new country where the language was also a barrier. The he suggested me to get in touch with Kaizen and only after Kaizen promised to take care of all the problems, I cam to India.
  • I am from Nepal and when I was suggested for Cardiac Treatment in India, I just came down to Delhi for further check up and finalizing the surgeon and hospital. I went back confused, not knowing which hospital to go for finally. It was my friend who suggested me to take help of Kaizen. With their guidance, I was able to decide the hospital and more importantly the surgeon in no time.
  • got in touch with Kaizen through their website and their prompt responsiveness and assurance coaxed me to get to India for treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. Everything went on very smoothly. Kaizen and also the hospital staff very nicely attended me. I regret that I could not visit AGRA that I so much wanted to. I still get occasional emails from Kaizen wishing me Good Health.

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